Antología de la música barroca

Antología de la música barroca - John Walter Hill - Akal
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This anthology, which offers a careful selection of 130 scores edited for the occasion, is a valuable complement to the volume Baroque music, although it can also be used independently, as a balanced collection of music performed throughout the period studied. In its pages are collected works representing ninety-nine composers from all over Europe and the New World, ranging from sacred to secular music, through pieces for lute, key and organ, and by genres such as concert, cantata, The oratorio and the opera. In all the scores, which have been edited again by Professor Hill, the values ​​of the notes, the metric signs, the armors and the names of the instruments have been kept from the original sources.
In order to provide readers with a wider collection of scores of compositions studied in Baroque music, Professor Hill has selected and edited another forty-five scores that are more


Book: Antología de la música barroca

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