Antología de la poesía medieval

Antología de la poesía medieval - Antonio del Rey Briones - Akal
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This anthology aims to offer a broad and representative sample of the main authors and works of medieval poetry and make it accessible to the student public, in particular –but not exclusively– to Secondary Education students. For this purpose, the spelling has been modernized, the metric regularized in some cases (Cantar de Mio Cid) and updated that part of the lexicon that could pose an added difficulty to what already implies entering a world, a mentality and an aesthetic so apparently removed from contemporary culture. Only in appearance; because to appreciate that this distance is only chronological, it is enough to approach, under the conditions offered here, the jarchas or the primitive lyric, impregnated with naive but intense emotion; to that original and vigorous version of the epic and its heroes that is the Cantar de Mio Cid; at least singular, and audacious, in the more


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Book: Antología de la poesía medieval

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