Antología de poesía latinoamericana del siglo XXI

El turno y la transición

Antología de poesía latinoamericana del siglo XXI - Julio Ortega - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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Tapa Blanda

Going to ephemeral magazines and supplements, reviewing modest notebooks, consulting marginal editorials, correspondence with correspondents throughout the continent, even reading unpublished texts and always asking about "the new ones", Julio Ortega, protected by indisputable austerity, has gathered this The most interesting anthology of "the youngest poetry". Is not the anthology a compilation of the greatest, most recognized, passed through sieves and sieves, settled and ready to attempt, from the past, the great leap into the canon? What Julio Ortega does in this seductive book is precisely the opposite: glimpse the poetry of tomorrow, "document writing where the future is being made right now", venture "an intervention in the cultural landscape", outline "a luck of a tentative reading map "and letting the reader" explore at their leisure by prolonging the routes of questioning more



Book: Antología de poesía latinoamericana del siglo XXI

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