Antologías de ilustraciones

Antologías de ilustraciones - Jimmy Liao - Barbara Fiore Editora
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Barbara Fiore Editora
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The story is over. Are you still there?
We are worried: the story is over, the capricious clouds moved away,
she stopped raining, the wind died down, the wings closed, the girl left, the rabbits returned to her invisible world.
Even the silence and placidity disappeared with the daily hubbub, and the painting fell into oblivion.
We are concerned because neither the lines nor the strokes nor the images, nor the colors nor the composition are heard.
We are worried because not a shadow or a blank or a corner can be heard,
so that this and all the other corners are left unheard.
We hope that the sound of lines, images, colors and black and white will be heard.
In reality, we believe that they have a lot to tell us, a lot of understandings to reveal to us even though no one is listening. That is why we hope that you will stay in this corner more

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Book: Antologías de ilustraciones

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