Antonio Abad. Megafone

Antonio Abad. Megafone -  AA.VV. - Turner
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Tapa Blanda

Since 2004, the artist Antoni Abad has developed a series of geographically diverse, multidisciplinary, innovative and socially committed projects, tailored to the needs of different human groups in danger of exclusion. invites these groups to express their experiences and opinions by using mobile phones, instantly posting audio, video, text and photo messages on the web. Participants transform these devices into digital megaphones capable of amplifying their individual and collective voices.

This book, under the scientific direction of Roc Parés, examines from a variety of perspectives ranging from the participants and coordinators of the eliezer Muniz dos Santos project, Jorge Morales and Mery Cuesta, to the multidisciplinary academic approaches of Gerard Goggin, Pablo La Parra, Alberto López Cuenca and Kimberly Sawchuk. has more


Book: Antonio Abad. Megafone

ISBN: 9788416112439