Apología del plagio

Apología del plagio - Anatole France - Olañeta
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"One praise moves us, which highlights our originality, as if originality were something desirable in itself and as if there were both good and bad originality"

Anatole France (1844-1924) was a writer of great success in his time and is still considered one of the great French novelists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Novelist, poet and literary critic, France received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1921 and distinguished himself during the Dreyfus case for its progressive attitude. Among his most important works are novels as famous as Le crime de Sylvestre Bonnard, L'île des Dieux ont Les Pingouins or soif. The text presented here illustrates its important facet of literary critic. Acute and incisive way, and making use of common sense and a solid knowledge of literary tradition, analyzes the phenomenon of plagiarism, which has led to many scandals and disputes-...read more



Book: Apología del plagio

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