Apologia del vacio

Hacía una Resignificación de la Ausencia

Apologia del vacio - Héctor Sevilla - Colofón Editorial
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Colofón Editorial
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Emptiness is not a contemporary evil but the evidence of the inadequacy of current systems and institutions for human life. Why should we pretend that our lives are full and that everything we do has a reason congruent with our deepest aspirations? What could happen to us if we break the inertia? At what point would we allow ourselves to see beyond the crystal of our fantasy? What would be destroyed if we recognize in a selfish attitude? Will the world end if we assume imperfect, unfinished, disturbing and empty? It is appropriate to resignify the absence and stop fearing the vacuum to, from it, provide our alternatives of life, of thought, of opportunity, of consideration. More than observing the void as something that must be filled, hidden or confronted, it can be conceived as an optimal possibility.


Book: Apologia del vacio

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