Aprender a rezar en la era de la técnica

Aprender a rezar en la era de la técnica - Goncalo M. Tavares - Almadía
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A city that trusts in progress, but lives in crisis and in fear. People willing to be guided by a messiah. Lenz Buchmann, a surgeon with a brutal awareness of the body and its limitations, whose idea of power makes him a potential dictator. He soon trades the scalpel for politics to save a seriously ill society, as he firmly believes that only he is capable of righting the collective destiny.
This book belongs to the cycle of "The Kingdom", whose themes are evil, power and violence. Perhaps the center of this novel is the dangerous authority that knowledge and technical skill bestow when they are not ruled by compassion.

"Each of his books (or series of books) is a kaleidoscope that manipulates reality to better observe it."

Alberto manguel


Book: Aprender a rezar en la era de la técnica

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