Aprendiendo de Latinoamérica

El museo como protagonista

Aprendiendo de Latinoamérica - María Luisa Bellido Gant - Trea
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This book is intended as a first approach to Latin American museums from the Spanish panorama of the museum. These institutions have an infinite range of situations, which in the present study is to rescue and give value and knowledge of specialists and the public, at least one plot that we consider of importance. American museums are great unknown in the European scene in general and Spanish in particular, although the same is often the case of an American country to another. They know their collections, their media power in society, its splendid architecture, methodological advances and museum. Learning from Latin America aims to put readers in touch with several of these conceptual and practical issues and specific cases, which gives testimono one of the most salient points of the cultural heritage of Africa. We intend to extract from them ideas and lessons for learning or applicat...read more


Book: Aprendiendo de Latinoamérica

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