Aprendizaje Movil

EL Futuro de la Educación

Aprendizaje Movil -  AA.VV. - Colofón Editorial
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Mobile Learning: The future of education, is an invitation to teachers, students in pedagogical training, researchers and people interested in the context of the new instruments and tools made available to them, to know the characteristics, benefits and accessories that allow them reflect on educational practice supported by mobile devices. The topics addressed in this book will emphasize the use and design of educational materials, through the comparative analysis of mobile learning projects generated around the world. The relevant typology, characteristics and advantages of devices intended for education are emphasized, to highlight some outstanding models required for learning in mobile contexts. In addition, the significant trends of the instruments available for education in the XXI century are presented and the outstanding elements of the work are collected, to offer the reader ...read more


Book: Aprendizaje Movil

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