Aproximaciones a la arqueología de las emociones

Aproximaciones a la arqueología de las emociones - Ilán Semo Groman - Ibero
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The subject of the history of emotions is not new. The first pioneer works date back to the 1922 and 1930s. In the autumn of the Middle Ages, Johan Huizinga examined how the paradigms of Renaissance ethos transformed and dissolved the status of cavalry societies around the 14th and 15th centuries. In The Civilizing Process Norbert Elijah would ask the question of how certain "emotion control" regimes are linked to the repressiveness of Western society. And Lucien Febvre would develop the concept of "sensitivity" to find a space that would help interpret the modulations, chasms and diversity that closed the sphere of mindsets. Over decades, the history of the social and the political as figurations that sustained themselves, set aside concerns about the exploration of the areas of social subjectivity. The essays gathered here express some of the current trends that have renewed interes...read more

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Book: Aproximaciones a la arqueología de las emociones

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