Apuntes biográficos sobre

Joseph Haydn

Apuntes biográficos sobre - Georg August Griesinger - Turner
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Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), the father of the symphony, is one of the most celebrated classical composers in history, and at the same time the protagonist of a biography almost unknown to the reader in Spanish. Haydn's fame was such that, in life, three writers undertook the task of narrating his biography. Of them, it was Georg August Griesinger who most approached the total portrait of the artist and man; In the brief pages of this biography, titled in the original German biographical novel about Joseph Haydn, Griesinger draws a complete portrait of the character and his era, beginning with his beginnings under the influence of the late Baroque, until his last years as the composer more honored and recognized of Europe, teacher and great influence in the life of the genius of the next generation: Ludwig van Beethoven. Filled with emotion, narrated first hand with the testimony of frie...read more

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Book: Apuntes biográficos sobre

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