Aquellos hombres grises

Aquellos hombres grises - Christopher Browning - Edhasa
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In recent years, the literature on the Second World War and the Holocaust has continued to grow, probably because by taking stock of the twentieth century they have taken on crucial importance and importance. Reviewed the Newsweek as an impressive contribution to the history of the Holocaust, surprised with its publication to its own and strangers, and provoked a heated controversy, due to the peculiar approach to the mass killings of Jews that ravaged Poland between July 1942 and November 1943, when 39,000 Jews were executed and another 44,000 were deported to Treblinka.But the key question of this work is how it was possible for a unit made up of German middle-class professionals , Battalion 101, will become a group of ruthless assassins capable of such atrocity? Through the thorough reconstruction of the history of these grey men and the interrogations to which two hundred of them more


Book: Aquellos hombres grises

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