Arenas movedizas

Los últimos días de la RDA

Arenas movedizas -  AA.VV. - Impedimenta
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Sands shifting is the chronicle of a country in flight, a story that confronts reality with the dream, and that gives a new twist to the narrative, to the questions and answers about the fall of the Berlin Wall. New York, 1989. Tom Sandman, a seasoned war journalist, has just returned from China, where he has witnessed the Tiananmen massacre. The world falters and its own life seems to accompany the cataclysm. And not only because his girlfriend has abandoned him and his aquarium has become a war scene. Just when Sandman is considering resigning his profession, his convincing boss sends him to cover the growing unrest that has unfolded in the GDR. There, afflicted by frequent and terrible nightmares and a premonitory toothache, Tom will live a passionate love story with a German woman who will tell you first hand what life is like in the GDR: the anguished vigilance, the poverty, the more



Book: Arenas movedizas

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