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After the resounding success of My friends, his second novel, Armand, published three years later, marked the consecration of Emmanuel Bove in the France of the Interwar period. In this play his main character, Armand, lives with his lover Jeanne, a woman older than him and in a good economic position. However, after reuniting with his old friend Lucien, after a long separation, he falls in love with his sister Marguerite. Suddenly Armand feels a strange attraction to the old days of his friendship with Lucien, when they both lived in poverty and he was far removed from the bourgeois life that he now shares with his lover. The obvious proof of this attraction is the appearance of Marguerite.

Bove's characters have the peculiarity of feeling overwhelmed by circumstances that they cannot revert to their own benefit. In their attempt to escape from the internal conflicts in which more


Book: Armand

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