Armas de Grecia y Roma

Forjaron la historia de la antigüedad clásica

Armas de Grecia y Roma - Fernando Quesada Sanz - Esfera de los libros
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The Spartan hoplites were the most feared army of their time and at Thermopylae they recorded with their blood, and especially with that of their Persian enemies, the legend of their ferocity. Some time later, the phalanxes of Alexander the Great terrorized and conquered half the world for their leader during the most spectacular military odyssey in history. Finally, the Roman legions built the empire of the Caesars on the basis of discipline, efficiency and courage.

These ancient troops forged their legend thanks to their weapons. The hoplites of the Greek poleis, such as Athens or Thebes, fought with their particular shields and spears, which made their troops the most famous in the world. For their part, the Macedonians revolutionized the military landscape with the introduction of the longest spear in history, the sarissa, so that their phalanges took over half the world. more

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Book: Armas de Grecia y Roma

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