Arqueología de un arqueólogo

Conversaciones con Eduardo Matos Moctezuma

Arqueología de un arqueólogo -  AA.VV. - Inah
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One of the most effective means of learning about the life of any person is, without a doubt, the interview. In this case, David Carrasco, director of the Mesoamerican Archive of Harvard University, and Leonardo López Luján, researcher of the Templo Mayor Project, joined forces to carry out many hours of talks with me that would result in the book that is in your hands today. The first edition was published in English in 2007, with the title Breaking through Mexico’s Past, edited by the University of New Mexico Press, and the Spanish version under the seal of the prestigious publisher Porrúa, with the title Los breaks of the Centauro. Today, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) brings to light a new presentation of the book. It does so within the framework of its eightieth anniversary and 80 years after the emergence of the National School of Anthropology and more


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Book: Arqueología de un arqueólogo

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