Arquitectura y magia

Consideraciones sobre la idea de El Escorial

Arquitectura y magia - Rene Taylor - Siruela
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After thirty years, Professor René Taylor published his definitive research on the conceptual mysteries that encloses El Escorial. Taylor argues that Felipe II and Juan de Herrera were men of their time and therefore open to certain ideas of arcane character then very scattered among more educated individuals, ideas that possibly influenced the development of the Escorial.En stones, in fresh and even on the ground of this unique temple survive, according to Taylor, hidden meanings that can only be decrypted with the criteria of those who understood the construction of a building as the product of a magical operation. Juan de Herrera, a man versed in mathematics, architecture, astronomy, mechanics, passionate scholar of squaring the circle, collector of talismanic stones, expert lulista and possessor of a library that abounded in works of Hermetic writers, alchemical and cabalistic, more


Book: Arquitectura y magia

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