Arsenio Lupin contra Herlock Sholmes

Arsenio Lupin contra Herlock Sholmes - Maurice Leblanc - Editorial fontamara
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Editorial fontamara
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Arsenio Lupin, a character created by the novelist Maurice Leblanc in 1907, is the prototype of the gentlemanly thief, who always manages to mislead the police, becoming a respected bandit, he is the protagonist of a long series of novels by this writer. Lupine dresses in European fashion, he has a room reserved at the Ritz in Paris, another at the Savoy in London or the best in Venice; Under different pseudonyms he goes on first-name terms with cultured men, politicians or billionaires. At night, he walks through the steel-lined crypts of the big banks with the same delicacy of a Prince, he runs across the Rooftops without taking off his tails or his hat, which he also keeps when he has to go through the complicated labyrinth of the sewers of a city.


Book: Arsenio Lupin contra Herlock Sholmes

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