Arte poética

Minturno (2 vols.)

Arte poética - María del Carmen Bobes Naves - Arco
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In the second half of the sixteenth century Aristotle's Poetics, for literary, political and religious grounds, arouses great interest in Renaissance Italy. Authors like Segni, Maggi, Scaliger, Minturno, Castelvetro, and many others, translate, say, paraphrasing, complete, etc., the work of Aristotle, which was analyzed in literary Academies of major Italian cities. Poetics Tuscan Antonio Sebastiano Minturno Lord, whose present translation was published in 1564 by G. Andrea Valvassori and had been completed a year earlier, according to her final page. Heroic is, Tragic, Comedians, Satirical Poetry and all other precepts; develops a complete doctrine on the Sonnets, Songs and all Tuscan Rimas, as has made Petrarca, and exposes the doctrines of Aristotle, Horace and other Greek and Latin authors who have written for teaching Poets. The text is preceded by two indices, one of the topics more



Book: Arte poética

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