Arte y fuga

Arte y fuga - María Negroni - Pre-Textos
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Yellow leaves
In the brightness of this autumn
How are you waiting for moons
Written on the river

You are looking for the stay of the restless
Which will go without having gone
She's orphaned
Of the sky that loves us
And in the light you dream light
Mansion of being

María Negroni was born in Rosario, Argentina. He holds a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature from Columbia University, New York.
He has published several poetry titles, among them El viaje de la noche (Editorial Lumen, 1994; Princeton University Press, 2002); Foreign Diary (The Little Venice, 2000; Maison des Écrivains Étrangers, 2001); Camera delle Meraviglie (Quaderni della Valle, 2002), Ineptitude (Alción, 2002) and Arte y Fuga (Pre-Texts, Valencia 2004). He also published three books of essays: Gothic City (New Moon, 1994, second edition more



Book: Arte y fuga

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