Arte y política 2005-2015

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Arte y política 2005-2015 - Nelly Richard - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados
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Judith Shklar, one of the most fascinating thinkers of twentieth-century political philosophy, develops in this book one of the central ideas of her thought, the "liberalism of fear." His argument is based on a negation: he does not propose a liberalism of the best good, but that of the lesser evil. According to the author, it is not possible to achieve good and history proves this: there are many cases in which populations suffer abuses and injustices on the part of their governments. This generates fear in people, and from this experience of fear, which is a universally shared experience, their idea of ​​a non-utopian liberalism is born. In this lucid and forceful work, Shklar defends that -because there will always be situations of vulnerability- the State must offer sufficient guarantees that allow potential victims to protect themselves against abuses of power and, in this way, more


Book: Arte y política 2005-2015

ISBN: 9789569843280