Aspectos morales de la teoría jurídica

Aspectos morales de la teoría jurídica - David Lyons - Editorial Gedisa
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A critical analysis of the moral principles contained in the laws and the limits of their application in legal practice. Only an adequate interpretation of the social reality and in accordance with current moral standards can legitimize the damages inflicted on citizens in the name of the law.
The essays collected in this volume were written over more than two decades. The first six works are devoted to traditional themes of the philosophy of law, such as the essence of the law and its relationship with moral principles. The remaining essays focus on the problem of the interpretation of the law.
«If this volume has a predominant theme, it is irreverence before the law. The law to which I refer is not a sacralized ideal but what counts as law in real legal systems. "
"My position before the law is not derived from the theory, but arose from the collision between more

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Book: Aspectos morales de la teoría jurídica

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