El último emperador Inca

Atahuallpa - Daniel Larriqueta - Edhasa
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At the beginning of the 16th century the Inca civilization dominated South America. Emperor after emperor, that domain had spread, honoring the designs of the gods. To do so, they had used an excellent art of government and reckless repression. The war was not an arbitrary cruelty but, in any case, a political instrument, a bridge to final peace ... When Atahuallpa, Huayna Cápac's son, arrives at emperor, he recognizes that peace must be maintained and, for that, sometimes violence is indispensable and the empire must continue to spread. He believes he is prepared for everything ... but the arrival of the Spaniards, led by Francisco Pizarro, surprises him and, curious by nature, does not order his execution, but rather lets them advance. While he thinks he is learning from them, the invaders gradually undermine his power. The Inca army is far superior to the Spanish troops, lost in a more



Book: Atahuallpa

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