Ateismo y laicidad

Ateismo y laicidad - Joan Carles Marset - Catarata
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Western societies have undergone an unprecedented process of ideological transformation in recent centuries thanks to the incorporation of the principle of secularism—the separation between the areas of the State and the Church—that has led to the establishment of democracy and the rule of law. Religious confessions, however, resist losing their influence and power. The Catholic Church radicalizes its positions, tries to shield its privileges and impose its moral norms on society as a whole, while many citizens attend their speech, and the political class is reluctant to intervene for fear of the possible electoral consequences of an open confrontation with the Church. This book presents, through a simple but rigorous treatment, some of the most current topics about secularism, but from an unusual perspective, that of atheist thought. The role of secularism in the process of European more


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Book: Ateismo y laicidad

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