Aún queda mucho por decir

Aún queda mucho por decir - Rose Ausländer - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Ausländer's words are simple, light, purified, clear, each syllable has an immeasurable intensity, as if they were just born. And it is so, with words that come from the first day of the world, as it alleviates the wounds of the German language. In a gesture diametrically opposed to the one of Paul Celan, it does not choose to destroy the language of the assassins, as she named it itself, but to save it.

With his poems he fights and resists all the terror of the twentieth century: exile, persecution, oblivion, the Shoah, despair, humiliation, silence. Combat death in all its forms. And he does so because his words guard the lucidity and hope that, after so many crimes, they seemed to have been lost forever. It is not just poems of a strange and great beauty, but of political and ethical gestures that are an alternative to the horror of the world. For when horror and destruction...read more

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Book: Aún queda mucho por decir

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