Bailando con la vida

Intuiciones budistas para hallar sentido y alegría frente al sufrimiento

Bailando con la vida - Phillip Moffitt - Kairós
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Why do we suffer? Does our pain have a meaning? Realizing that human beings have been making those questions for thousands of years, Phillip Moffitt has found answers for himself his own life in Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Reflecting on his own peripplo of him, editorial editor of El Esquire's journal to Buddhist Meditation, Moffitt offers a fresh perspective of ancient Buddhist wisdom, showing us how to move from suffering to a new consciousness and unexpected happiness.

Dancing with life he explores the twelve institutions that underlie the nucleus of the Buddha teaching - the four noble truths - and uses them to guide readers towards a more intelligent and creative relationship with suffering. As Moffitt suggests, practicing those twelve intuitions helps to experience the difficulties of life without drowning in stress and anguish, increasing moments of happiness. more

Book: Bailando con la vida

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