Bajo escucha

Estética del espionaje

Bajo escucha - Peter Szendy - Canta mares
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Canta mares
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Tapa Blanda

In Bajo Escucha, Szendy establishes a topology of espionage that takes us from the Bible to Derrida, through Bentham and Deleuze, from works as diverse as the operas by Mozart and Monteverdi, the films by Fritz Lang, Hitchcock or Coppola. The author is part of a deep concern, warns a ghost that inhabits both political and media news and our behaviors: a ghost of listening, of being listened to. Hence the double question that this essay poses: where does this ghost come from? Where does it draw its strength? Tracing the genealogy of musical listening gives his reflection an inescapable political dimension: "it is a new era of fear that accompanies the expansion and the equipment of listening. Since to be listened to or to listen is no longer a matter of position in a precise architecture: the dissymmetry is found everywhere, and can not only be located in places of power or in control more


Book: Bajo escucha

ISBN: 9786079711849