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Magical and ritual spaces, laboratories of culture and technique, the passages allow us to think about the great urban text from its footnotes. In Barcelona there are about four hundred. Some are roads that lead to a rural past; others, proletarian passageways or shanty alleys that speak of the manufacturing metropolis and Francoism; the most famous are in the form of landscaped intersections and bourgeois galleries from the 19th century; the most recent ones are in industrial estates or house houses with swimming pools and restaurants for tourists. Jorge Carrión has traveled through all of them, studied them, read them, to access a dimension of Barcelona that had not been explored until now. A dimension starring the Horta washerwomen, by photographers like the Napoleons, by publishers like the Tasso, by anarchists and republicans, by painters like José María Sert or Joan Miró, by more


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Book: Barcelona

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