Bases para la estructuración del arte

Bases para la estructuración del arte - Paul Klee - Editorial fontamara
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The painter and draftsman Paul Klee is considered one of the most original representatives of modern art. His earliest works were studies for landscapes done in pencil, showing the influence of Impressionism. His paintings and watercolors demonstrate his mastery of delicate and dreamy color harmonies, which he often used to create simple, semi-abstract compositions or even mosaic-like effects.

Klee possessed the supreme intelligence among all modern artists and, in theory and in practice, laid admirable aesthetic foundations. He was a master of drawing and many of them are complicated lines with content derived from fantastic or dreamy imagery; he described the technique of these drawings as "taking a line for a walk." He created fluid elements or birds with a composition of interconnected linear and circular forms, with an evocative effect much more important than what the more


Book: Bases para la estructuración del arte

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