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The guest house of La Torre is located in a lush beech forest in the heart of Buckinghamshire. She is run by two extraordinary women of very strong personality: the balsamic and whining Miss Padsoe, who lives troubled by the contempt of service, and the youngest and most practical Miss Baker, London to the core and fond of toast and well-loaded tea. However, their friendship is mere appearance because they both are fully opposed. In the neighborhood stands the lavish mansion of the Shelling, in which George and his sister Bell live, and in which are organized crazy parties dedicated to the Brains, Motorists and Free Love. At the Shelling's house, the beautiful Miss Catton works as a lady-in-waiting. Between george and her, love will arise.

Stella Gibbons gives us back, barely a year after she has published "Robert Poste's Daughter", a romantic comedy of untied humor, full of more



Book: Bassett

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