Belfegor, el fantasma de louvre

Belfegor, el fantasma de louvre - Arthur  Bernede - Valdemar
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Tapa Dura

Belfegor initially appeared in the newspaper Le Petit Parisien in daily installments between January and March 1927. His plot, full of mystery and suspense, begins on a night when a guard from the Louvre museum surprises the Hall of the Barbarian Gods at a masked intruder standing next to the statue of Belfegor, god of the Moabites. The attacker flees chased by the guard and ends up disappearing. The next day, the strange figure reappears and attacks another vigilante, leaving him badly injured next to the downed statue. Inspector Menardier is in charge of the official investigation, but they will also be involved in the Chantecoq affair, "the king of detectives", and the intrepid reporter Bellegarde. In the two months that the serial's publication lasted, nothing else was said in France. Finally, in 1965, French television aired the mythical series "Belfegor, the ghost of the Louvre".




Book: Belfegor, el fantasma de louvre

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