Benjamin para principiantes

Benjamin para principiantes - Howard Caygill - Longseller
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The philosopher and critic Walter Benjamin was born in 1892 into a Jewish family in Berlin, and committed suicide in 1940, after having crossed the Pyrenees in an attempt to escape from Nazi Europe. In the meantime, he lived in Berlin, Moscow and Paris. He was a direct witness of many of the historical events of the early twentieth century; he met many of the avant-garde modernist artists, writers, and poets, and adopted a critical stance on the dominant ideologies of that period: Marxism, Zionism, and technocracy. This book highlights its influence on modern aesthetics and the history of cultures. He highlights how he particularly focused on the tensions between Marxism and Zionism, and between the word and the image in modern art. Benjamin was also one of the first critics who admitted that a technology capable of reproducing art was also capable of destroying it.



Book: Benjamin para principiantes

ISBN: 9789879065860