Biografía en los saquitos de té

Biografía en los saquitos de té - Westonia Murray - Llantén
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Tapa Blanda

What do we know about the contemporary poetry of Australia that is not in the key of slam, oral, verborrágica, young? If austerity is a privilege of maturity and the restlessness of love, of youth, here we have the first book of a great woman that has united them in love poems. The names of women parade through their memories and are brought to the brief and flashing center of their writing. The ardor of the bodies is celebrated by a poetics of hedonism in the present, however much it is remembered and the beloved is not. Effervescence and affection are mixed with a tone of revenge of those who at fifty tried to write homoerotic poems.



Book: Biografía en los saquitos de té

ISBN: 9789874261335