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Bisel is a poem of love in six fragments, inscribed in the tradition of lyrical poetry, unusual in the work of Julian Herbert. In a certain intimate and even exhibitionistic way, the subject is not approached from its usual place, but allows to see nuances where love can also be bitter, dark, fatal wound.
Jualián Herbert (Acapulco, 1971) has written two novels, five books of poems, a collection of essays and a couple of volumes of short stories, as well as chronicles and articles of cultural journalism. He is also dedicated to music and interdisciplinary poetry. He won, among other prizes, the National Literature Gilberto Owen and the Ibero-American Novel Prize Elena Poniatowska.
"Like the crystal, the poem is there before our eyes and it is confusing if it is to focus on it or to be a kind of optical device through which we can see something else. It is very likely to more


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Book: Bisel

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