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Dragan Velikic, the most important Serbian narrator of the moment, introduces us to the intertwined lives of characters trying to re-establish themselves after the ravages of the Yugoslavian war and their dissolution. Miljan, a restaurateur who fled his native Belgrade to settle in Vienna abandoning his newborn son, now takes care of his grandson Sinisa. Marija, a philologist who is panicking about loneliness, meets, before the Hungarian consulate, Marko, a frustrated novelist who writes a "guide to avoid disgust". Kristina, fulfilling the prophecy that a fortune teller released on her graduation night, crosses "the big water" to start over in Boston. Bonavia is the story of a journey that is many journeys, of an escape that leads us to the place from which we leave and of what a generation leaves, unintentionally, its successor. A maze that shows us that even if we strive to erase more



Book: Bonavia

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