Breve historia de la ópera

Breve historia de la ópera - Jesús Trujillo Sevilla - Alianza editorial
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Alianza editorial
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This BRIEF HISTORY OF THE OPERA is aimed at both the traditional opera enthusiasts and the hardcore avant-garde musicians. JESÚS TRUJILLO focuses especially on attempts to consolidate this musical form in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, culminating in Gluck and Mozart; In the transformations, a century later, with the Italian and French composers, from Rossini to Bizet and the Wagnerian musical drama, and in its adaptation in other countries and cultures. A large space is devoted to the complex and bold proposals for renewal and greater social content, which have strengthened the extraordinary vitality of this genre, which began with the post-modernism and the authors of the Vienna School and have been Prolonged until today. The characterization of schools and trends is accompanied by a rigorous musical and literary analysis of the most representative operas of each epoch, more

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Book: Breve historia de la ópera

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