Breve historia de Turquía

Breve historia de Turquía - Adrián Mac Liman - Catarata
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Crucible of ethnicities and cultures and a point of union between two continents, present-day Turkey, once considered "the sick man of Europe", arises from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and from the declaration of a secular republic by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1923. This book traces the centuries of history of a territory that has seen different civilizations and peoples happen—Hittites, Frigids, Cystians, Persians, Galatians, Greeks, Romans, Armenians... and the expansion and disintegration of powerful empires, such as the Byzantine or the Ottoman. Its main events and most important historical figures are analyzed in these pages in its sociopolitical, cultural and religious aspects, until the present period, with Erdogan's long mandate and the tensions that go through it between secularism and reislamization, democracy and authoritarianism, nationalism and the Project of more


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Book: Breve historia de Turquía

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