Breves autopsias

Breves autopsias - Benjamín Barajas - Cuadrivio
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Brief Autopsies is the search for the poet and essayist, Benjamín Barajas (Michoacán, 1965), for breaking the mask of appearance. The short phrase, the sentence and the aphorism seduce the reader through irony, derision and criticism. No one is safe: the nihilist, the philosopher, the family, the writing, the friendship, the religion are the darts he throws against contemporary society and the human condition. The geography of the book is an archipelago of symbols and signs that will undoubtedly make the reader reflect and laugh. In this work, Barajas shows that it has reached maturity. The prose of intensity that unfolds is a trace of the paths that intersect between the poet and the essayist. Each word is corpus that chisels, with the precision of the sculptor, the sentences that portray and apprehend man in his most elemental state; now only the fissure of the subject remains. The more




Book: Breves autopsias

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