Bucólicas -  Virgilio - Castalia
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"Do not bow before adversity; rather boldly oppose her as much as your luck allows."

The Bucolics (or Eglogas) are not only a collection of poems, but a total poem in itself, carefully structured in a symmetrical scheme. In the mouth of his shepherds, educated and refined characters who disalent with the rustic of the background, the poet addresses topics as varied as poetry, music, beauty, nature, life and death, mythology, murder, or confiscation of the lands suicide, with extraordinary formal perfection and without ever losing sight of Roman society and the historical circumstances in which he lived. Likes, the version we present, by the hand of Friar Luis, constitutes a work of art. There are no insalvable boundaries between originality and translation. Augustinus competes with Virgil and proves, once again, that writing is "business of particular judgment".

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Book: Bucólicas

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