Buenas noches planeta

Buenas noches planeta -  Liniers - Impedimenta
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Tapa Dura

A tender and beautiful comic about an adventurous stuffed animal that will enchant the little ones, by the hand of one of the most recognized comic book artists in the world.
Have you ever wondered what happens in your room when it's dark? Well, don't get fired, because when you go to sleep, your toys go out and have a good time! After a long day jumping on piles of leaves and reading her favorite books, this girl ends up really exhausted, but for her favorite stuffed animal, Planet, the day has just begun! Planet jumps out of bed and starts exploring the house, where he will meet his owner's dog, taste the taste of cookies and follow a mouse on a journey into the unknown.



Book: Buenas noches planeta

ISBN: 9788417115845
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