Buenas practicas de escuela inclusiva

La inclusión del alumnado discapacitado: un reto, una necesidad

Buenas practicas de escuela inclusiva - Isabel Macarulla - Graó
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The book contains two clearly differentiated parts: • The first offers a series of reflections, conclusions and proposals based on the experience of the more than two hundred participants who attended the two Working Days. • The second is a selection of good educational practices with five experiences that serve to illustrate some of the reflections collected in the first part of the book and that are magnificently presented by Gerardo Echeita. This is a suggestive and stimulating book that will make us reflect while giving us ideas and proposals contrasted from the experience. As the authors say in the epilogue: It is not the children and adolescents who have to change. We are.


Book: Buenas practicas de escuela inclusiva

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