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Rústica con solapas

The new study by Moshe Idel makes a fundamental distinction between two great currents of Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism: A theosophical-theurgic and other ecstatic. While the first was oriented forms mainly ritualistic religiosity and Theocentric conceptions, ecstatic Kabbalah, anthropocentric type, focused on the mystical experience of the inner self. The conflict between the two tendencies takes a moment of great interest to the work of the Spanish Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia, who suffered attacks by supporters of the Theosophical cabal for their Messianic and prophetic activities.
Unlike the current theurgical, very close to classical rabbinical conceptions, ecstatic cabal reduced its contemplative and visionary practices a more elite group of practitioners and extreme forms of devekut or mystica ... Idel This work highlights the need comparatists studies, placing Jewish mystic...read more


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Book: Cábala

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