Caída y auge de Reginald Perrin

Caída y auge de Reginald Perrin - David Nobbs - Impedimenta
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A classic of English comedy, considered one of the funniest, cruel and irreverent books of the recent Anglo-Saxon literature. Inspired by one of the most famous television comedies of all time, Reginald Perrin's Fall and Boom is a masterpiece of humor in the Anglo-Saxon genre. Its protagonist, Reginald Perrin, is a gray man; a mediocre and unhappy forty-year-old sales executive, who wastes his days at the Lucresol Desserts company, subjected to a stupid boss for whom he performs an alienating job, while leading a suburban life next to his wife and a family full of freeloaders. Until one day, given to continuous fantasies that temporarily separate him from sleep, he decides to throw it all away and take the big step: disappear without leaving the slightest trace, simulate his own suicide, and adopt a second identity to start over from zero.



Book: Caída y auge de Reginald Perrin

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