Cambiar el mundo desde arriba

Cambiar el mundo desde arriba -  AA.VV. - Bajo Tierra
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Bajo Tierra
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The end of the cycle of progressive governments in Latin America has
completely modified the region. Hopes pinned on
them, the expectations, the dispute with the rights
Latin America, the imaginary of what the left is, everything has
been swept away by its retreat. In the whole continent has
come a dark hour.
In a long winded look, however, imperialism, the
neoliberal forces and the limits of structured economies
historically dependent are just some of the
factors that fail to fully explain this abrupt
chain drop. From a critical point of view, clearly from
anti-systemic left, the Ecuadorian sociologist Decio Machado
making a dumbbell with the renowned Uruguayan journalist Raúl
Zibechi, make a careful evaluation of the decade of the
From Venezuela to Argentina, passing through more

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Book: Cambiar el mundo desde arriba

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