Cambio global. Causas y consecuencias

Cambio global. Causas y consecuencias -  AA.VV. - Siglo XXI Editores
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The impact of human activities on the planet compromises the future of our own species. Biodiversity loss, changes in land use, modified material and energy cycles and depleted resources are some of the indicators that indicate that we are exceeding the capacity limits of the natural environment.
In addition to analyzing how human actions bring about large-scale changes, there is an urgent need to build a new relationship with the environment and between people to control, reverse and stop the profound ecological impacts that humanity has generated on Earth .
At present, human activities rival the natural forces that have shaped life on earth as we know it. Global change has as its direct cause a model of economic development that increasingly demands natural resources and generates more and more waste. This prevents the natural regeneration of systems, pollutes rivers more


Book: Cambio global. Causas y consecuencias

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