Camile Claudel, Reencantamiento de la obra

Camile Claudel, Reencantamiento de la obra - Danielle Arnoux - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Sacrificed by the artist and then forgotten her, the work of Camille Claudel has failed to disappear. He played as a tragic story of his life, he came out to light towards the end of the twentieth century. Compassion for the woman victim and crazy, was then mixed with admiration, and thereby darkened appreciation for the work.

How is that in the XXI century legend and history have been confronted, succeed one another, live to finish today to give place to the artist?

Literature, psychoanalysis, sociology and art history allow Danielle Arnoux clarify this reenchantment.

Those eager for detail will discover in this book which sculptures of Camille Claudel were exposed in Italy in 1911. Danielle Arnoux published in 2001 in Epeele, Camille Claudel, the ironic sacrifice, that same year he won the Prix Œdipe award in Paris.

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Book: Camile Claudel, Reencantamiento de la obra

ISBN: 9786077694229