Canciones de amor

La Historia Jamás Contada

Canciones de amor - Ted Gioia - Turner
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This is a journey through a hidden history: that of love songs, which is very similar to the history of love. After more than twenty years of research, notes, file search and travel, Gioia presents a unique book of its kind: a whole cultural history of romanticism through music that springs directly from the heart. The songs of the slaves (and the slaves), the songs of the troubadours, the laments of the blues or the blows of pelvis of that boy from Tupelo (Mississippi) have something in common, and in this book we have the narrative pulse that has made Gioia the best music writer of today.

A story that also mixes censorship, generational conflicts, fashion, gender roles ... and in which love always triumphs, or at least the love song.

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Book: Canciones de amor

ISBN: 9788415832201