Carlos Chávez

El Orfeo contemporáneo de México

Carlos Chávez - Robert Parker - Otras editoriales
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Carlos Chávez (Mexico City, 1899-1978) was one of the central figures of Mexican musical nationalism, perhaps his best known facet, but he was also a tireless organizer who started the first permanent symphony orchestra in Mexico and directed it to Over 21 seasons. He also played a crucial role as director of the National Conservatory of Music and head of the Department of Fine Arts in the Secretariat of Public Education, where he was able to renew and modernize Mexican art education, feeding it both from the rich pre-Hispanic sources and from the Modern arts. His tenacious and sometimes authoritarian way of doing things was by force to sow discontent among various groups that, in some cases, still lasts. However, it is undeniable that just as Orpheus with his lira enraptured animals, men and gods, Chavez, more



Book: Carlos Chávez

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