Carta breve para un largo adiós

Carta breve para un largo adiós - Peter Handke - Edhasa
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Tapa Blanda

After a traumatic divorce, the corollary of a marriage that had degenerated into spite, misunderstanding and violence, a man travels to the United States to rest from so much pain. America, that anonymous landscape, is the perfect place: it allows you to put your last years into perspective, look like you've never done before, and discover, perhaps, that it may be someone else.

That would, of course, be the ideal journey. Life is more clumsy and offers obstacles that consciousness and desire do not usually consider. As he tours the United States with a woman and daughter, as well as the cultural landscape, as well as the people he meets and renews him, he discovers that his ex-wife is after him. With a revolver. At the same time, that continent, which was to liberate it from its previous existence, renewed it to its childhood, to its fears, to those weaknesses that, instead of more



Book: Carta breve para un largo adiós

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